by YosheeHarper at 9:56 PM
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First off, we would like to thank our players over the Last 5 Years who haven't made this server so great.
As a thank you, we would like to bring back with the server was in the very beginning and while while we are at at it, we would like to attract new new visitors and players to the server.
This coming Sunday, March 11th, 2018, we would like to officially reopened the Yoshee08 survival server and we would like to invite YOU to join us for awesome activities and giveaways as well as having fun with some of the new features we have added to the server.
The server is supported with Minecraft 1.8 through 1.12.2. this allows you as the player to have the most fun on our server while being very convenient with the server versions that you like to play on in other down time.
As well as some amazing giveaways, we will also be having a sale in our shop so be sure to check out some of the features and ranks that we have there and get ready to have some awesome fun. We hope to see you...
by TheWarriorKaty at 5:15 PM
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Hey there,

We've been receiving some crazy support over the summer, we've even reached our 2500th player visit! To really say our thanks and show our appreciation, plus something to celebrate the start of the new school year, we've decided to release our newest update; survival 1.10!

In this server update, we've included many of the same plugins that we know you've liked. Of course, we've also added 1.10 exclusive new plugins that we're sure you'll all enjoy.

All 1.10 ranks can be transferred for free, plus any and all future ranks will apply to both survival servers.

Finally, a little reminder that if you have any suggestions for our servers, such as plugins, be sure to check out the suggestions forum!

Thanks for playing,
by CoconutLimabean at 5:20 PM
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Hello Everyone!

To start off this update, we bid a fond farewell to WynterDawnshade, as he resigned a few days prior.

Now on to some excitement... SkyWars! Skywars was recently added to the Yoshee08 network, so be sure to check it out. Its got custom maps, and lots of in-game settings you can toggle via the game menu.

FLASH! There is a flash sale starting this weekend for 72 hours. Every item/rank in the shop is on sale, so don't miss out! Also, be sure to check out the newly added creative ranks if you haven't seen those yet.

Lastly, congratulations to GoldSparks on receiving the streamer rank. Be sure to check out his twitch as he streams often ---> https://www.twitch.tv/stratespark/profile

Don't forget, if you live in the USA, to check out you're local 7-11 for a 7.11 oz free Slurpee!
Have an amazing day everyone!
by CoconutLimabean at 6:53 PM
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Hello Everyone,
If you don't know me yet, I'm CoconutLimabean. I recently joined the staff here at Yoshee08, and I am super excited.
I would like to start off this update by recognizing one of our staff members. TheWarriorKaty has been an outstanding moderator for over half a year, and we want to thank her. She had to leave for a little while, but we hope she will be able to come back and join us soon!

We would also like to thank you players, for an immeasurable amount of support throughout the span of the server. Due to your time and dedication to the server, we were able to reach over 2000 unique players!
At this time I would like to congratulate FalconMode on becoming a full time Moderator. Way to go!

If you haven't already submitted a build for this months build contest, please do so. Just go to the builds forum, or click this link...
by YosheeHarper at 3:04 PM
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Hey everyone,
It's been a few weeks since our last update and I just wanted let ya'll know
We have been doing some work. A few plugin updates are in order, so I've taken
the liberty of doing them for you. These are all for survival.
I've updated Grief prevention for ya'll. The two main updates for that are:
* Players who have build permission can now trample crops. Monsters and animals still can't.
* Stopped leaving 'freed' abandoned pets untameable (bug fix).
We've also updated BetterChairs, which the developer updated for performance.
Last but not least, I've submitted a bug to the developer of RainbowBeacons
For an error which allowed players to place a beacon on top of bedrock, thereby
Removing it, and accessing the nether. The developer made an update for the
Plugin, and it is not bedrock proof. :)

For kitpvp I haven’t done any plugin updates, but I have changed the blocks
Around from the grass and dirt, to some clay blocks. I think it looks pretty
Sick and I hope you guys...