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Hey guys,

So, to start off, can I just thank everyone for playing on our server for being with us! We wouldn’t have come this far without you guys and the whole staff at Yoshee08 really does appreciate it!

As a ‘thank you’, we’re planning to give our server a few new gamemodes! Among these will be prison and hopefully KitPvP, so if you would want to see that in the future be sure to comment about it in the Ideas Forum! The second official opening of one of these gamemodes will be decided on May 1st, it’s likely we’ll be unveiling our KitPvP first but you never know, we might just open up a nice prison, so stay tuned for that!

The first opening gamemode will be unveiled one new server this week! The new gamemode will either be KitPvP or prison, so get hyped for that!

Linking in with these new gamemodes, we expect to gain an increase...
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Hey guys, today I bring you a bug fix, and 3 new plugins!
So as some of you were aware, the marriage plugin wasn't showing hearts when two players kissed. This was a bug in the plugin, and I reported it. Within an hour the dev found it, fixed it, updated it, and sent it to me, and it works great.
Now I bring you TWO mini-games that I think you’ll all will enjoy.
The first one is called "cake clicker". You can start the game by running the command /cc. Its basically self-explanatory – click the cakes on the screen to get points, use the points to buy a stuff for the game. It’s basically cookie clicker in Minecraft!
The second, coming soon, is the team-based game walls! Whilst still in development, we intend to add this at a later date. Walls is the 4-team game similar to Survival Games, only where teams are separated and given time to collect resources before the walls dividing them drop and PvP begins. Get ready to see this soon!
The last plugin is a reintroduction of the 1.7...
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Hey guys,
So, to start off, we have two well-earned promotions to TheWarriorKaty and Chex_nix! TheWarriorKaty has been promoted from Chat-Moderator to Moderator and Chex_nix has been moved from Builder to Head-Builder!
In plugin news, we have brand-new Rainbow Armor! With a cost per use, this colourful armor gives you a flashy look, though once you take it off, it turns into regular leather armor. Be sure you're not wearing armor beforehand, or else it will disappear. We also have a new wilderness command! If you’re starting of anew and want a patch of land away from other players? Simply do /wild and be whisked away to actual wilderness!
As of popular request, we’ve removed Enchantment Limiter. Before, it limited how many enchanting books you could combine on an anvil and what you could get on an enchanting table, so enjoy being able to make some OP weapons!
In a few days, we’ll be updating some of our plugins. This includes the important Grief Prevention plugin and the banknotes...
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Yo peeps! A very happy valentines day to all of ya out there. After long hours of work, I've just finished upgrading and adding things to the only shop. Heres a list of some of the improvements made! If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

1: Upgraded to the pro version of the market, which enabled us to get rid of the ads, as well as customize the theme to match our website.
2: Added crate keys, rank upgrades, pictures for all shop items and rewritten the main page.

Also ingame, you may have noticed we've added crates; You can get vote keys by voting, (/vote, or the vote like on our website) and then caching them in at /spawn for awesome prizes.
The legendary crate can be purchased in the shop, and all info can be viewed there. You can win things like ranks, donor kits, and more!

If you have any more questions, remember to ask!

Be there, or be square!
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Hey guys,
So, to start off, it’s great that we’ve got so many players who regularly come onto our server! We can’t thank you all enough for it!
We’ve added and improved a lot of our plugins, with better grief prevention, new lottery draws, that’ll be coming out soon. The two main plugins that we’ve added are ‘MineTrends’ and ‘1vs1!
MineTrends is a plugin that lets us keep track of server information, such as players, ram usage history, and lots more.
1vs1 allows you to have fun killing each other without loosing anything; We currently have two arenas, donated by SenceGaming, and you can join a que by clicking on the signs located at spawn.
You may have noticed that the shop looks pretty weird as of now. This is because it’s being completely revamped! The new shop will have a cool design and floating items. It’ll be finished soon so don’t forget to do /warp shop to check it out!
Yesterday, Yoshee spent some time editing the McLaren, and Lamborghini kits, so the tools and armor are...