by YosheeHarper at 1:50 PM
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Hey guys! Congratz! We reached another record yesterday, with 22 players! To all those who where on, thank you for staying and helping us reach that goal! Lets keep up the high playerbase! We can do it!

In honor of this achievement, I would like to announce a 50% off flash sale, until the end of the month. Use code SPRITE when checking out.

Be there, or be square!
by YosheeHarper at 3:40 PM
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Hey guys, just fixed a bunch of bugs this week.
[​IMG] #1 I've fixed the lag issues. Turns out there where a few conflicting plugins, that when you did a command, it was trying to run the command on all the plugins. There where also a few unused plugins, as well as one particular unused plugin that was eating up a lot of resources. So now we offer basicly no lag, and lots of fun.
#2, For some reason, the permission node to show the MOTD on login, was not there, so you where not getting welcomed by our MOTD. I've now fixed that, so you can now see how many players have logged on, and how many are currently on. I'll also be posting important information in it, such as what there is now, about the map reset.


I would also like to point out that we have now reached a huge goal I've been excited about reaching....
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Hey guys, I have some news for this morning for you guys, but first lets start with the normal updates.

First, I would like to welcome our new, and only, developer Deadly_Miner9. Starting now, he will be doing quite a bit of the "plugin" work that I've been doing. Lets give him a big round of applause and wish him good tidings.

Second, I've been updating some of the more outdated plugins, and adding a few. I've updated Grief Prevention, Ban Manager, Banknotes (If you're not sure what this is, do /withdraw 50 to test it out :p) and

I would also like to welcome ALL of our new players. There have been lots of them coming on, and I hope all you newbies have lots of fun here at Yoshee08. This week we've reached the highest player count we've had in a LONG time. Thanks gives for doing that!

SimpleBroadcast. These are now up to the latest versions, and should not need to be updated until after the New Year.

We also have some new plugins that we will be using...
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Hey guys,

Yoshee here. I've got an awesome new plugin I just installed to make your gameplay much more fun! This plugin is called "Diseases". Basically as you go through you're gameplay, you'll get different sickness such as Pox, from being around a lot of animals, a broken bone from chopping wood, and more! You can view remedy recipes by doing '/disease remedy list' to view all remedys, and '/disease remedy list' to view more information about a remedy, and how to craft it. If you don't have the items needed to craft a remedy, don't worry. There's a doctor in the house. Just do /warp doctor, and you can heal yourself of all illnesses for the flat rate of $500.

You can also do '/disease help' to view all commands. For example, by doing '/disease check' you can view if you have a disease, what disease, and how it has affected you. Some other commands that are added are '/temp' to show your temperature, (don't let this get to high or you'll get a fever!) and /health.

If you have...
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Hey guys,
I've just installed a few new plugins, some for Christmas,some for year around.
As a Christmas special, you might notice a huge tree outside spawn, built by Xikato. If you look even more closely, you'll notice there are Christmas lights all around it! That's for our first update.

Secondly, due to popular demand, I have installed lockette. Lockette enables you, with a sign, to protect individual items such as doors and chests. This enables you to have an area where you've allowed several people (such as a shared house) protected by griefmanager, but also have a personal chest that nobody can get into.

That's all for this week, but we'll be adding lots more things in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned!

Be there, or be square.