9.18.2016 update with survival 1.10 and lots of new stuff!

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    Hey there,

    We've been receiving some crazy support over the summer, we've even reached our 2500th player visit! To really say our thanks and show our appreciation, plus something to celebrate the start of the new school year, we've decided to release our newest update; survival 1.10!

    In this server update, we've included many of the same plugins that we know you've liked. Of course, we've also added 1.10 exclusive new plugins that we're sure you'll all enjoy.

    All 1.10 ranks can be transferred for free, plus any and all future ranks will apply to both survival servers.

    Finally, a little reminder that if you have any suggestions for our servers, such as plugins, be sure to check out the suggestions forum!

    Thanks for playing,
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