Yoshee08 News 5/17/2016

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    Hello Everyone,
    If you don't know me yet, I'm CoconutLimabean. I recently joined the staff here at Yoshee08, and I am super excited.
    I would like to start off this update by recognizing one of our staff members. TheWarriorKaty has been an outstanding moderator for over half a year, and we want to thank her. She had to leave for a little while, but we hope she will be able to come back and join us soon!

    We would also like to thank you players, for an immeasurable amount of support throughout the span of the server. Due to your time and dedication to the server, we were able to reach over 2000 unique players!
    At this time I would like to congratulate FalconMode on becoming a full time Moderator. Way to go!

    If you haven't already submitted a build for this months build contest, please do so. Just go to the builds forum, or click this link -->(http://www.yoshee08.com/network/community/index.php?forums/builds.38/) to post your entries. Remember to include pictures, descriptions, and the coordinates to your plot!
    A quick update on the prison server, and also an update for the creative server; slowly but surely the prison server is coming along and we hope to have it up for you by the start of summer. As for the Creative server, we are adding 4 new ranks, so be sure to check those out!
    Lastly for this update, we would like to thank the Chronos build team for their amazing spawn build for the survival server.

    Have an amazing day everyone!
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