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    Hey everyone,
    It's been a few weeks since our last update and I just wanted let ya'll know
    We have been doing some work. A few plugin updates are in order, so I've taken
    the liberty of doing them for you. These are all for survival.
    I've updated Grief prevention for ya'll. The two main updates for that are:
    * Players who have build permission can now trample crops. Monsters and animals still can't.
    * Stopped leaving 'freed' abandoned pets untameable (bug fix).
    We've also updated BetterChairs, which the developer updated for performance.
    Last but not least, I've submitted a bug to the developer of RainbowBeacons
    For an error which allowed players to place a beacon on top of bedrock, thereby
    Removing it, and accessing the nether. The developer made an update for the
    Plugin, and it is not bedrock proof. :)

    For kitpvp I haven’t done any plugin updates, but I have changed the blocks
    Around from the grass and dirt, to some clay blocks. I think it looks pretty
    Sick and I hope you guys do too.

    In other news, our prison server is about 6/8ths of the way there! Its going
    Great and I hope we can make it perfect for you guys before our (attempted)
    May 1st deadline!

    One more piece of news for today. We've had several new staff promotions,
    and additions to the team, so I'd like to give a round of applause for
    CutieStrecker on becoming a Full Mod. You've done great work over the past
    few weeks, and are very helpful. I would also like to welcome DXM_, as a trial
    Moderator. Welcome, and we all hope you enjoy your time at Yoshee08! I would
    also like to welcome back our former builder (now come back) Bryday, now
    Known as Bruhdi_, and I was informed this will (again) most likely be changed.
    As one last staff announcement, I would like to recognize a hard work eager
    staff member, Bacca, for all his help and suggestions. Although there is not
    a lot of promotion I could give to a staff manager, but since you've been
    doing outstanding work in other areas, I would like to present (or promote)
    you with the new rank "Community Manager".

    Thank you all for player, remember to vote, like, comment and subscribe!
    Be there, or be square,
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